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My aim is to create guitar legends. Learning should be fun, and I want my students to enjoy practicing and improving, excited for their musical future, whether that is a career in music or being able to knock some tunes out at home or being a “legend” around the campfire.

My lessons are conducted individually or in small groups and, and my specialities are fingerstyle, jazz and rock. I also teach beginners, blues, folk, funk, pop, gypsy swing, country and classical  – and I explain theory in simple terms that can be applied straight away to the instrument. You can play electric, acoustic or nylon string in the lessons.

I have created a “Progress-o-meter” for beginner, intermediate and advanced players to ensure that you become a well-rounded player, and track and predict your progress through all the skills and techniques necessary to master the elements of guitar playing.

I believe it’s important to learn songs that you love, not just because it keeps it super fun, but also as a vehicle to learn new techniques and theory that will make you a better musician. The more songs or tunes you know, the faster and easier it is to learn more. I encourage beginner students to read music and play single note tunes too, as this improves musicianship, hand-brain co-ordination and fretboard knowledge.

My role is like a musical personal trainer to ensure you are inspired and motivated to keep learning and improving. The aim is to internalise your guitar skills and knowledge, so that the music flows out of you. With my time proven strategies of coaching, accountability, personal service, knowledge and passion for music,  you will quickly be able to “automatically” play more songs.

Expert Tuition

I hold AMEB Contemporary Guitar and Music Theory qualifications, and have studied Music Performance, Teaching and Production at CQ University. I also teach guitar to secondary school students at Matthew Flinders Anglican College in Buderim.

I am a registered AMEB enroller. Those students that want to complete AMEB and Rockschool exams are coached and prepared to achieve excellent results.


I first started teaching bass in 1993, so if your idol is Flea, Bootsy, Jaco Pastorius, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, or an up and coming Instagram prodigy, I will fast forward your bass journey to great chops and a deep pocket!

Convenience + Online lessons

I teach from 9.30am to 5.30pm on weekdays – any age from 8-80, and all skill levels.

Lessons are held in a relaxing natural leafy setting, but If you can’t get to the Sunshine Coast, I also teach online using Zoom lessons.

I possess a current QLD Working with Children Blue Card, and understand that as a parent you are trusting me, as a teacher, to be a role model for your child. I always aim to demonstrate healthy behaviour and expectations for my students.

Whether you are just getting into guitar, or want to up your guitar game – get those eyes off netflix, hands on picks and let’s have some fun!

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If you want to get out of your guitar rut, or want to know how to jazz up your blues, crush your solos, get into fingerstyle, make sense of the theory, or are just starting out and want to progress quickly, fill out the form below and become a better player than you thought was possible! Let me know whether you’re keen on individual, group or online lessons, and your current skill level and musical goals. Soon your playing will be OFF THE SCALE 🔥

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