I began playing bass in 1986 and guitar in 1988 –  just in time to emit my first pinched harmonic before grunge took over and rendered anything squealing as tasteless.  I played in cult rock bands with funny names such as “Mrs Whiterousers”.  Despite the obvious commercial appeal, the big break didn’t come at that time… Jazz guitarists such as Django and Wes also came onto my radar after climbing through a toilet window to see the great Joe Pass perform in 1992 at Brecon Jazz Festival. After studying sound engineering I had a short career running the sound for wedding bands, in parallel to lifting a lot of road cases for the Princes and U2s of the world. It was around this time that I taught my first students.

Music went on the back burner when I moved to Sydney, Australia in 1999. I started a family and founded and ran a successful Apple computer business. In the mid-2010s I wanted a lifestyle change so moved with my family to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and set up a music teaching studio.

I now teach guitar and bass lessons and workshops from my private studio, and enjoy recording music and collaborating with other musicians. I am also currently studying a Bachelor of Music performance degree.